Miler offers access to thousands of opportunities and quick pay

Why Choose Miler?

Freight opportunities

We have unlimited shipments for our network carriers. Whether you want to stick to our network, or you’re looking to fill in some down time, our friendly staff, dedicated route settings and Quickpay will meet your need.

Quick Pay Options

We have several options for getting paid ASAP. We try to be flexible and accommodating, but mostly, we want to keep working with you. And that means doing our best to deliver your pay as fast as you deliver cargo.

24/7/365 Support

We know your challenges and the things you face on the road. When you work with Miler, you’ve got a resource you can count on, anytime, anywhere.

EDi Capabilities

Your software connects with our software, and life is easier for everyone. Enjoy less paperwork and manual accounting tasks, and fewer chances for error.

Keith Seymour

Driver, Excel Trucking, LLC

"The folks at Miler are great. Not only do they load your truck, but they also pay you in days with no hassle. Highly recommend Miler."

Ivan Krstevski

Driver, Cargo Runner

"Miler is great company to work with. They are honest and offer a 24/7 service from pickup to delivery."