While Miler Software does not allow Trial Period, it follows a simple pricing model that allows you to start small. Our TMS and Maintenance products are priced per power unit, with no minimum power units to enroll. For the evaluation period, one may start with one truck to get access to all features included in a product.

Miler offers a wide range of products based on customer needs and their business priorities.
  1. Miler Rectify: For fleet owners and carriers who are not ready to purchase a subscription but want to stay worry-free during vehicle breakdown. This product is free for all fleet owners and carriers, and it comes with certain useful features.
  2. Miler Rectify Plus: For carriers who want to purchase a maintenance subscription only. This could be because they already have a TMS that is working for them but either do not have a fleet maintenance software or it’s too expensive (e.g., charges each tractor and trailer separately). Miler Rectify comes at an affordable price, only charges per each power-unit with unlimited trailers, and comes with fleet maintenance features that will give carriers a complete visibility on their fleet maintenance expenses.
  3. Miler Amplify: For carriers who want to purchase a TMS subscription only. Perhaps the goal is to simply and scale your operations

Yes. Users can be assigned to one or more predefined user roles (e.g. Carrier Admin, Safety, Accounting, etc.). Users also have the ability to set certain user preferences.

Miler is committed to your data privacy and protection. We take all appropriate and reasonable security measures to adequately protect the personal data. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with the development of available security products and services.

We Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology with an encryption level of up to 256 bits for all data transmitted through the internet. In addition, we store data in a manner that meets (and sometimes exceeds) industry and legal standards.

We use Stripe for our payment processing, which makes us fully PCI-Compliant. Stripe is a reputable payment platform used by large corporations, like Amazon, Uber and Lyft. Your credit card number and other sensitive financial data never touches Miler servers, nor is it stored in our database anywhere.

Yes. Miler requires a strong password for all its users. We use a secure system called Secure Remote Password (SRP), which does not transmit your actual password over the internet, but performs a remote password verification with a cryptographically-strong secret key. We highly encourage users to keep their passwords to themselves, as that is the only way anyone can gain access to.

No. Miler Software is completely cloud-based and runs on the web. Cloud-based TMS and Fleet Maintenance brings you a wide range of capabilities and benefits, including running your business on-the-go, pay-per-use pricing with zero upfront fees, free and continuous upgrades, scalability, above-standard security measures and more.

For carriers with less than 10 trucks, the onboarding process usually takes less than a week. For carriers with truckers between 10 and 20, the onboarding takes about two weeks. For carriers with trucks between 20 and 200, the onboarding takes about a month. For fleets more than 200, please reach out to our support for an estimate.

Yes. We offer free support to all our carriers and fleet owners, regardless of fleet size.

Yes. Drivers and Fleet Owners can download our Miler Driver app. We support multiple devices for each driver.

A carrier authorized person needs to add drivers within the TMS. During driver signup, you may choose to “Allow Miler Driver Access” for the drivers to have access to the Mobile App. Drivers who have access to the Miler Driver app can perform a wide range of tasks, including stop arrivals, departures and attaching documents. This frees up time for the Dispatch team and improves accuracy.

Each shipment is invoiced and sent to the customer separately. This is to avoid transmitted files getting too big.

Users can be added in the User Management Screen.

You can add unlimited users.

Yes, Carriers with TMS only (Miler Amplify) can still request service maintenance through Miler Rectify. Does it offer requests for maintenance and different services? However, you will not have access to historical work orders and service requests.

If your carrier uses one of the ELD providers Miler TMS integrates with, you will have the ability to view fleet locations, track specific shipments and vehicles without ever leaving your TMS.