Miler offers access to thousands of qualified carriers with real-time tracking technology

Why Choose Miler?

Access to Qualified Carriers

When you work with Miler, you’re getting carefully selected drivers and trucks that meet our standards for reliability, safety and courtesy. You can be sure if they meet our high standards, they’re going to exceed yours.

Real-Time Tracking Technology

Our success is built on data. Knowing where each load is at any time means we can update schedules, make adjustments and deliver on time, all while keeping trucks full and cargo moving.

24/7/365 Support

We have freight en-route every minute of every day. That means there’s a team on hand at all times, knowledgable and qualified to handle any issue or concern.

EDi Capabilities

Our EDi capabilities mean all of our data tracking, time records and billing is accurate and timely. And that means you have access to everything you want to know, with less paperwork and no hassle.

P. Mart

Owner, PWP Sales

"Excellent service. Great communicators. Excellent on-time delivery rate. Very easy to work with. We highly recommend them."

J. Kingery

Owner, Kingery, LLC

"Customer service and great rates are top notch! He has improved several lanes for us, and has been a strategic contact for the growth of our company."